Collective clarity of purpose is the invisible leader. – Mary Parker Follett

Kiri is creating a world where diversity, equality and collaboration are central through:

  • Communities of practice – creating an open culture of collaboration driven by shared purpose.
  • Codesign processes – bringing community, stakeholders, experts and government together to develop shared responses to complex problems.
  • Training – giving participants the skills to create a world where everyone can flourish.
  • Project management – design, delivery and evaluation of projects that change the way we live, work and play.

Her work is:

  • Driven by possibility – overcoming barriers by focusing on opportunities.
  • Collaborative – sustainable solutions that draw on diverse perspectives and empower stakeholders.
  • Ecological – consistent with systems theory, projects consider the contexts of family, community, society and the Earth.
  • Intersectional – the movement of power in our society needs to be made transparent and actively redressed to foster diversity.
  • Edgy – navigating tough conversations to bring clarity, improve performance and inspire cooperation.

You can read more about Kiri’s professional history on her LinkedIn profile.

Kiri is also an artist, poet, and philosopher, you can read more about her creative explorations at humansarenature.com  

Kiri’s work is powered by Life, The Art of Hosting and Possibility Management.

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